About Prephan Enterprises

Scott Prephan

Having been actively engaged in real estate investment and international business development since 1990, Scott Prephan is more than just an entrepreneur and investor. As the President of Five Lakes Global Realty and Prephan Enterprises, as well as being a business owner and entrepreneur in China, Scott has been on the forefront of the largest shift in real estate investing in modern history. Mr. Prephan has become a real estate development and investment expert, matching foreign investors with premium real estate opportunities, and developing lasting and stable real estate investment portfolios for his investor partners.

Mr. Prephan's ability to unite investors and sellers across the globe has opened the United States real estate market to a number of high profile international investors, responsible for completing transactions totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars in the last five years alone. Scott sees his primary role as a facilitator, helping Asian and European based businesses expand their portfolios through real estate development and acquisition opportunities in premium markets across the United States.

Scott Prephan's efforts have helped new businesses relocate to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, attracting millions of dollars of direct foreign investments in both commercial and residential developments as a result. His network and professional resources continue to expand, opening premium destination markets like Seattle, Las Vegas and Philadelphia to interested investor partners. Mr. Prephan has leveraged his partnerships and professional connections across the country to secure the most attractive growth opportunities for both domestic and international real estate investors.

By developing a successful network of successful professional contacts in both public and private industries, Scott Prephan has managed to put his extensive business resources to work throughout the US, Europe and China. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Prephan Enterprises and Five Lakes Global Realty has been his ability to network directly with international investors and sellers, helping overcome the challenges of real estate acquisition and breaking down the barriers to international investors seeking stable, profitable real estate opportunities.

As a result of Mr. Prephan's efforts on behalf of his investor partners, Five Lakes Global Realty has become one of the fastest growing international real estate firms in the Midwest, successfully representing tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate transactions. Scott Prephan has become an industry leader in developing real estate investment portfolios for international and domestic clients, and he continues to secure premium real estate opportunities across the country for his investor partners. He has broadened the scope of Prephan Enterprises to include international business development, a key addition that has opened the doors to American investors seeking entrepreneurial opportunities overseas.